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Section C1.0 Name

Section C2.0?Objectives

Section C3.0?Membership

Section C4.0 ?Governance

Section C5.0?Management

Section C6.0 Meetings

?C6.1 General Meetings

?C6.2 Annual General Meeting (AGM)

?C6.3 Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)

C6.4 Management Committee Meetings

Section C7.0 ?Finance and Accounts

Section C8.0 Discipline

Section C9.0 Awards

Section C10.0 Trophies

Section C11.0 Dissolution



Section BL1.0?(not used)

Section BL2.0 ?(not used)

Section BL3.0?Membership

Section BL4.0 ?(not used)

Section BL5.0?Management

Section BL6.0 ?Meetings

?BL6.1 General

?BL6.2 Annual General Meeting (AGM)

?BL6.3 Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)

?BL6.4 Management Committee Meetings

Section BL7.0 Finance and Accounts

Section BL8.0 ?Discipline

?BL8.1 Suspension and Fines

BL8.2 Complaints

BL8.3 Appeals

Section BL9.0 Awards

Section BL10.0 Trophies

Section BL11.0?(not used)




C 1.0 ?NAME


The Club shall be called “Bon Accord Thistle Amateur Swimming Club” (Hereinafter referred to as the Club).




?The objectives of the Club shall be to :-


a) Promote and manage the teaching, knowledge and practice of one or more Aqua Sports, in accordance with paragraph C2.2 & C2.5 of the SASA Constitution


b) Support suitable efforts made to develop swimming within the City of Aberdeen.




?C3.1 ?The membership shall consist of the following categories :-


a) Adult Member

?An Adult is an individual 16 years and over, as recognised in Law


b) Junior Member

?A Junior is an individual not recognised in law as an adult and not as defined in SASA Company Rule R13.5.6


c) Life Members


?C3.2?Membership fees shall be as agreed at each Annual General Meeting.


?C3.3 ?All Club Members must be registered with the SASA in accordance with the sub-categories defined in SASA Bye-Law BL3.2


C3.4 ?All members joining the Club shall be deemed to accept the terms of this Constitution, the Club Bye-Laws and any Regulations from time to time adopted by the Club.

?C3.5?The Management Committee shall have the power to turn down an application for membership, provided they act in accordance with Bye-Law BL3.6.




?C4.1 ?The Club shall be subject to and bound by, the Constitution and Bye-Laws of the SASA, Memorandum, Articles and Rules of SASA Ltd. and the appropriate SASA District Rules.


?C4.2 ?The Club shall comply with the SASA Code of Conduct, the

SASA Code of Ethics and the SASA Child Protection Guidelines.


?C4.3?The Club shall be governed by its Constitution, Bye-Laws and

? Regulations.


?C4.4 ?Amendments to the Constitution shall only be made at a General

?Meeting, provided at least a two thirds majority of those present

?and voting is secured.


?C4.5?Amendments to the Bye-Laws shall only be made at a General

?Meeting provided a simple majority of those present and voting

?is secured


?C4.6?The Management Committee shall have the power to publish and

?enforce such Regulations as the Committee feels necessary to

govern the activities of the Club.




?C5.1?The affairs of the Club shall be conducted by a Management

?Committee which shall consist of the Officers of the Club plus

five other Adult Members and ex-officio members set out in Bye-Law BL5.1


?C5.2 ?The Officers of the Club, who shall be honorary, shall consist of a

?President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary who shall be

?elected at an Annual General Meeting, as shall be the said Adult


?C5.3 ?If the post of any Officer or Adult committee member should fall

?vacant after such an election, the Management Committee shall

?have the power to fill the vacancy.


?C5.4?All Management Committee members shall be Adult members of

?the Club.




?C6.1?General Meetings




?At least 30 days notice and the Agenda shall be given to all ?

?Adult members of any General Meeting.




?All Adult Members and Life Members are entitled to attend,

?take part and vote unless specifically excluded from doing so

?by the Club’s Constitution




* With the exception of changes to the Constitution, decisions

?put to a vote shall be resolved by simple majority at General Meetings.


* Voting shall be by a show of hands unless decided otherwise by a majority of those attending the meeting.




? The quorum at General Meetings shall be three Officers of the

? Club plus seven members eligible to vote.


?C6.1.5?Changes to the Constitution and Bye-Laws.


?A proposal to change the Constitution or Bye-Laws must be

?submitted in writing to the Secretary, signed by two members

?eligible to vote at a General Meeting.


C6.2 ?Annual General Meeting (AGM)


?C6.2.1 The Club shall hold an Annual General Meeting in the month

?of November to :


* Approve the minutes of the previous year’s AGM.


* Receive reports from the President and Secretary.


* Receive a report from the Honorary Treasurer


* Approve the Annual Accounts


* Receive a report from the Auditors.


* Elect Management Committee Members


* Appoint Auditors for the Club’s Accounts


* Consider changes to the Constitution


* Consider changes to the Bye-Laws.


* Present Life Membership(s)


* Deal with other relevant business



?C6.3?Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)


?C6.3.1?An Extraordinary General Meeting shall be called by an application in writing to the Secretary supported by at least ?ten

?Adult Members of the Club. The Management Committee shall also have the power to call an EGM by decision of a simple majority of its members.


C6.4 ?Management Committee Meetings


?C6.4.1 The club shall hold Management Committee Meetings no less

?frequently than every three months.


C6.4.2 A Management Committee Meeting shall be called by the Secretary when there is business to transact or on request of an Officer of the Club or by an application in writing by at least seven Adult Members of the Club.


C6.4.3 A quorum for Management Committee Meetings shall be at least one Officer of the Club and four Committee members


?C6.4.4 The business of the meeting shall be enacted in accordance with

?Section 6 of the Bye-laws.





?C7.1 ?The financial year shall run from 1st November to 31st October

? each year


?C7.2?The honorary Treasurer shall be responsible for the preparation

?of Annual Accounts of the Club.


?C7.3?The Accounts shall be audited by an independent person(s) elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.


?C7.4?All cheques drawn against the Club’s funds shall be signed by a

?minimum of two Officers of the Club?


?C7.5?The Management Committee can enter into contracts and/or partnerships, on behalf of the Club, provided each proposal is fully discussed at and recorded in the minutes of a quorate committee meeting prior to the commitment being made.


?C7.6?All members of the Club shall be jointly responsible for the financial liabilities of the Club


?C7.7?Any surplus of the Club’s income will be re-invested in the Club

?and not distributed to its members.



C8.1 ?The Management Committee may take action (e.g. fine, suspend

?or cancel membership) against any Club Member proved guilty

?of infringing the Club Regulations or acting in such a manner as

?to bring disrepute to the Club. Such action shall only be taken if

?the principles and procedures embodied in the Complaints,

?Appeals and Suspension & Fines sections of the SASA Constitution, Bye-Laws and the SASA Company Rules, have been applied.


C8.2 ?All Grievances, Complaints and Appeals, except for doping, child

?abuse or alleged criminal offences, shall be dealt with in accordance with Section 8 of the Club Bye-Laws


C8.3?Grievances and Complaints involving doping, child abuse or other

?criminal offences shall be referred to the SASA Chief Executive

?within 48 hours, in accordance with SASA Ltd. Rule R16.1.3.





?C9.1? Nomination and selection procedures shall be in accordance with

? Section 9 of the Bye-Laws




?C10.1?All trophies belong to the Club in perpetuity and cannot be won



?C10.2?The Club Honorary Treasurer shall act as Trustee of Club





?C11.1?In the event of the dissolution of the Club, any funds, property

?and other assets shall not be distributed amongst the members of

?the Club in any way whatsoever, but shall be applied towards the

?objectives of the SASA.


?C11.2?So long as three members agree to support the Club it cannot be





BL1.0?Not used


BL2.0?Not used




?BL3.1?The subscription of existing members (agreed at the AGM) shall

become due on 1 January in each year and those of new members on the date of acceptance for membership.


?BL3.2?Members not renewing by 31 March will be deemed to be non-

?members and will be notified in writing accordingly.


?BL3.3?All members will be excluded from taking part in any of the

?Clubs activities, competitions or meetings until their annual

subscription is paid.


?BL3.4?A member wishing to resign from the Club shall inform the

?Secretary in writing.


BL3.5?A Club member wishing to change their 1stor 2nd Claim Club must do so in accordance with SASA Bye-Law BL8.2.4


?BL3.6?When an application for membership is turned down by the

?Management Committee, the applicant must be advised of the

?reason and their right of appeal to the SASA, in writing.



BL4.0?Not used




?BL5.1 ?The Management Committee shall comprise the Officers of the

?Club (as defined in paragraph C5.2), Head Coach, Meet

?Secretary, Awards Secretary plus two other Adult Members


?BL5.2 The term of office for President, Vice President, Secretary and

?Treasurer shall be two years.


?BL5.3?The Head Coach, Awards and Meet Secretaries shall be elected for a term of one year


?BL5.4?The term of office for the other Adult Members shall be one



?BL5.5?Retiring members of the Management Committee may offer

?themselves for re-election.


?BL5.6?Management Committee member(s) elected or co-opted to fill a

?vacancy part way through a term of office shall retire in sequence with the original order of rotation.


?BL5.7?Management Committee members co-opted by the committee

? shall be subject to endorsement at the first EGM or AGM



?BL5.8?The Management Committee shall be responsible for: -

a) The organisation and control of all members during Club hours.

b) The annual appointment of coaches and instructors, other than the Head Coach

c) The selection of members to represent the Club.

a) The handicapping of Club events as necessary.

d) The organisation of swimming activities as may be requested by other bodies.

e) Presenting annually their nominations for Hon. President and Hon. Vice President(s) to the AGM for ratification.

f) Considering and approving or otherwise nominations for Life Membership of the Club.


?BL5.9?The Management Committee shall appoint such sub-committees

?as may be considered necessary.


?BL5.10?The Management Committee shall appoint at least one Child

?Protection Officer (CPO) who has attended an SASA approved

?training course



?BL6.1 ?General


?BL6.1.1?At all meetings, if a quorum is present, the Chair shall be taken

?not later than fifteen minutes after the appointed time of the



?BL6.1.2?All Members when called to order at any meeting or gathering

?of the Club and not complying to the “rule of order” shall be

?expelled from the meeting.


?BL6.1.3?The Chairperson at all meetings of the Club shall be the

?President. In the absence of the President, the Vice President

?shall substitute. In the absence of the President and Vice

?President, those in attendance shall appoint a substitute.


?BL6.1.4?In the event of equality of votes in any resolution before the

?meeting which requires a choice to be made for the continued

?good governance of the Club, the Chairperson of a meeting shall

?have a second or casting vote.


?BL6.1.5?The Chairperson of a meeting, shall be the sole judge of

?questions of order and interpreter of the “rules” governing the



?BL6.1.6?The Chairperson shall not speak to, oppose or move any

?motion from the Chair. In order to do so, they shall vacate the

?Chair until that business is concluded. The meeting shall be

?presided over by a substitute Chairperson elected from among ?those present.


?BL6.1.7 ?The minutes of all meetings will be available by display on the

?notice ?board at Club Sessions.


BL6.2?Annual General Meeting (AGM)


?BL6.2.1?The Secretary shall give written notice of not less than 30

?(thirty) days prior to the date of the AGM. This notice shall be

?published on the Club notice board and circulated to all Adult

?and Life Members


?BL6.2.2?Appended to the notice of intimation of an AGM shall be the

?Agenda, minutes of the last AGM, a note of the process

?governing alteration to the Constitution, Bye-Laws and

?nomination for the Management Committee.


?BL6.2.3?Nominations for Officers of the Club and other members of

?the Management Committee shall be submitted in writing,

?signed by two Adult Members and the nominee, to the ?Secretary no later than two weeks prior to the AGM.


?BL6.2.4?Proposed alterations to the Constitution and Bye-Laws and ?notices of motion must be received by the Secretary not later

?than two weeks prior to the AGM


?BL6.2.5 Having received all nominations and proposed alterations, the

? Secretary shall arrange for this information to be displayed on

?the Club notice board at least 7(seven) days before the meeting


?BL6.2.6?The order of business for an AGM shall be :


?Presidents Remarks

?Apologies for Absence

?Approval of minutes from previous AGM & matters arising.

?Hon. Secretary Report

?Head Coach Report

?Financial Report

?Auditor’s Report

?Proposed changes to Constitution

?Proposed changes to Bye-Laws

?Election of Management Committee Members

?Appointment of Head coach

?Appointment of Auditors

?Life Membership Awards

?Other relevant business


BL6.3?Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)


?BL6.3.1?The Secretary will give notice, in writing of all Extraordinary

?General Meetings, stating the Agenda, to all Adult and Life

?Members at least 30 days prior to such meetings being held.

?BL6.3.2?The order of Business for an EGM shall be :


President’s Remarks

Apologies for Absence.

Business to be transacted of which due notice has been given.


?BL6.3.3?No business shall be transacted at the EGM other than business

?of which due notice has been given.


?BL6.4 ?Management Committee Meetings


?BL6.4.1?Notice of the date, time and venue of each Management

?Committee shall be published on the Club notice board at least

?7(seven) days prior to the meeting


?BL6.4.2?Adult Members who are not members of the Management

?Committee, may attend, but may only participate with the

?agreement of the Chairperson.


?BL6.4.3?All, except ex-officio members shall have a deliberative vote.


?BL6.4.4?No decision of the Management Committee may be altered or

?revoked without 14(fourteen) days prior notice of intent, in

?writing, being given to the Secretary.




?BL7.0.1?The Treasurer shall arrange for the Auditor(s) to examine and

?certify the Club accounts and balance sheet before presentation

?of an audited summary to the AGM.


?BL7.0.2?The Treasurer shall submit a budget, to the last meeting of the

?Management Committee prior to the AGM, for the following

?financial year.


?BL7.0.3?The Treasurer shall submit a financial statement to the

?Management Committee no less frequently than every 3(three)

?calendar Months.


?BL7.0.4?All outgoing payments shall be made by cheque, signed in

?accordance with paragraph C7.4 of the Constitution.



?BL8.0.1?Any member guilty of conduct or breach of the Constitution,

?Bye-Laws, Regulations which is detrimental to the interests or

?aims of the Club may be disciplined by the Management

?Committee, provided Paragraph C8.1 of the Constitution has

?been satisfied


?BL8.1?Suspensions and Fines


?BL8.1.1?The Management Committee may suspend, from activities

?wholly within its own jurisdiction, impose a Fine or Expel a

?member as a means of discipline.




?BL8.2.1?A Grievance, which is a formal expression of dissatisfaction or

?allegation of unfair practice in connection with the ?management

?of the ?Club can be made by :

?Any member of the Club

A parent or guardian on behalf of a member under the age of 16 years

?Any Individual.


?BL8.2.2 A grievance is made in writing to the Club Secretary, not later

?than 30(thirty) days after the incident.


?BL8.2.3?An Enquiry Panel will be set up by the Club to consider the

?grievance in accordance with the Club Regulations.


?BL8.2.4?If the decisions of the Enquiry Panel do not satisfy the person

?who made the grievance, that person shall have a right of

?appeal to SASA in accordance with Club Bye-Law BL8.4




?BL8.3.1 ?A complaint is a formal expression of dissatisfaction or

?allegation of ?unfair practice in connection with aquatic sports

?as governed by the ?SASA.


?BL8.3.2?A complaint must be made in accordance with Section 16 of

?the SASA Ltd. Rules.



?BL8.4.1 An appeal may be made against decisions taken by the Club in

?respect to the outcome of a submitted grievance or against

?decisions taken by a National Enquiry Panel


?BL8.4.2 An appeal must be made in accordance with Section 18 of the

SASA Ltd. Rules




?BL9.1?Life Membership


?BL9.1.1?Life membership may be presented to person(s) who have

?Given ?outstanding service, over many years, to the Club and

?shall be presented at the Annual General Meeting or at any

?other time decreed suitable by the Management Committee.


?BL9.1.2?A recommendation for Life Membership may be made by any

?Adult or Life Member to the Secretary for submission to the

?Management Committee. Full details of the nominee’s service

?should be included with the recommendation.




?BL10.1?The winner of a trophy shall guarantee safe custody and return

?of the trophy when requested by the Management Committee.


?BL10.2?The Club shall be responsible for arranging and funding the

?engraving of ?the winners name on all Club trophies.


BL11.0?Not Used


Agreed at June 2006

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